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Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers are supported?
Modern browsers like IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera with excellent web standards support will deliver the best user experience. Older browsers like IE8 have usable, baseline functionality, but cannot take full advantage of progressively enhanced features that newer browsers can. IE7 and below are no longer supported as of Acumen 1.3.3.
Will Acumen work on Magento 1.x.x?
Each Acumen release is developed for a specific stable release of Magento. Magento's core development dictates the backward-compatibility of themes. To keep forward momentum in Acumen's development, future updates are tested with the latest stable release of Magento only.
Is Acumen available outside ThemeForest?
No. Acumen is sold exclusively through partnership with ThemeForest. Any other site selling Acumen is doing so illegally without compensating the original developer. Do not buy Acumen from any other source than ThemeForest. Your support ensures ongoing compatibility, maintenance, and improvements.
Can I resell or use Acumen for several projects?
Acumen is licensed for a single application and may not be relicensed, sold, or packaged under any circumstances. You must buy an additional license for each project that you want to use Acumen for. Please see the ThemeForest Licensing Terms for more details.
Who made Acumen?
Gravity Department did, specifically Brendan Falkowski (the boss).
Can you help me configure/launch Magento?
Yes. Project consulting is available depending on Gravity Department's workload and schedule. Get in touch.
Do you make custom themes?
Of course we do. Contact us for more information.

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