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Cache bandwidth

Tiny Pages

Cached assets reload instantly and lightweight markup delivers ultra-fast page rendering.

Google Libraries API

Google Libraries API

Widespread adoption enables jQuery to load from the user's cache reducing bandwidth and HTTP requests. Serverside fallback ensures delivery.

Asset loads from cache

No Combining

Magento's behavior for combining JS/CSS files can actually hurt performance. Acumen saves bandwidth by not reloading cacheable libraries and files.

Smart CSS

Web inspector timeline

Modular CSS Loading

CSS for jQuery functions is loaded modularly alongside the plugin code and then cached for reuse.

Icons in sprite image

Sprite Images

Rigorous sprite and CSS3 usage reduces 100+ HTTP requests to just 1. Rendering from cache is near instantaneous for subsequent pages.

CSS3 rounded corners and shadows

CSS3 Enhancement

Modern browsers natively implement CSS3 effects like border-radius, box-shadow, and rgba that previously required images. Older browsers degrade gracefully.

Smarter JavaScript

jQuery + Google API

jQuery + Google API

jQuery is loaded via the Google Libraries API for: maximum caching, more parallel downloads, and fast delivery.

Staggered JS Loading

Magento normally loads all JS in <head> but Acumen uses custom processes to offset downloading for snappier page loads.

Contextual JS code

Contextual JS Loading

JS files are included only if the page requires them to save bandwidth and speed up the first page load.

Scriptaculous removed

Scriptaculous Removed

Removed non-essential Scriptaculous components reducing HTTP requests and saving bandwidth without sacrificing functionality.

Snippets are content areas you can update from the Magento Admin. Turn them on/off as needed with no coding!

This is Snippet: CMS Page Bottom. It will automatically show on all CMS Pages.

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